Press quote for LPG conversion

"There is no doubt the technology works and pollution from gas car emissions is tiny compared with petrol and diesel." The Guardian : 9th June 1997

"A Renault Laguna fuelled by Calor's Autoblend Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) was delivered for test last week. As a fuel system it is the answer to a prayer ... Gas is the logical supplementary fuel for car engines - clean, cheap and most important, abundant." Sunday Telegraph : 15th June 1997

"Dual Fuel Cars "SAVE A PACKET" I took Peugeots Dual Fuel 406 1.8 for a spin and when I turned on the gas I found it ran as smoothly on gas as it does on petrol" Ken Gibson, Motor Correspondant The Sun : 17th March 1998

...gas vehicle wholelife running costs become much more competitive when servicing requirements are taken into account ... the life of spark plugs and engine oil is considerably lengthened by the cleaner combustion of LPG." Fleet News : April 25th 1997

"Your car will run smoother. You'll save both money and the world." "The quality of the air we breathe will become the most important social, environmental and health issue, as we move to the millenium. Anthing we do to reduce air pollution is a step in the right direction." Councillor David Begg Edinburgh City Health Convener 3rd April 1997

"...and in my view, LPG is the ONLY viable gas-derived alternative." Coach and Bus Week : 9th November 1996 "High mileage fleet operator's search for a greener and immediately viable alternative to petrol or diesel leads them in only one direction - to gas power." Fleet News : April 25th 1997